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8-10pm: The Shrine Big Band - Jazz

The Shrine Big Band Returns for Eki Plaks' Birthday Celebration! A 15-piece big band, with three trumpets, three trombones, four saxes, flute, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Come and experience the experimental and hard-swinging sounds every first Sunday of the month from 8pm-10pm and help us also celebrate the return of live music at the Shrine!
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8-10pm: Troy Weekes & Ji-Groove Band ft. John Barber- Soul / Groov

The musical brainchild of two creatives, who’s love of God brought them together in Harlem, to form the band. Singer/Vocalist Troy Weekes Music is from Harlem, NY with Bajan and Puerto Rican roots. Ji-Kim is from South Korea, but shortly after birth, moved to Argentina where his musical quest was birthed. Coupled together with a backline of the best multiracial instrumentalist that New York has to offer.

10-11pm:Nkumu Katalay- Music from Congo

Born in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo where he spent one half of his life before moving to New York City in 1996, music became Isaac’s path to navigate the world. With a family of traditional healers, and faith varying from Christianity to Islam, music is Isaac’s corner stone which holds fragments of his identity together. Artistically, he discovered one tool after the other. He started with the Mbonda or Ngoma (drum) and movements (dance) at a very early stage, a fascination that led to the modern drum set, to songs, to musicals, to plays and to the guitar etc…
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8-10pm: CIRCULAR TIME - Blues / Funk / Zydeco / Motown / Soul /

Circular Time is a tight, blues, cross-over band—with a powerful horn section- that performs blues, jazz, funk, zydeco, afro-pop, reggae, soca, and classic rock. The core part of the group has been together since 1998. They can move from a hard-edged blues, a beat, a transition, to a soca that might incorporate a dash of samba, or merengue, followed by a funk, or an original house/afro-pop, to a Coltrane, or a Albert King ballad or a Herbie Hancock.
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