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8-9:30pm: Caleb Veazey and Luke Marantz Duo - Jazz

The Caleb Veazey (guitar) and Luke Marantz (piano) duo is a bi-coastal musical collaboration and exchange between longtime friends. The duo plays original music composed by both Caleb and Luke, and with each composition and improvisation, the duo strives to illuminate personal vision and derive meaning.
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December 1

7-8:30pm: Drunken Logic (Solo) - Folk / Rock

The seed for Drunken Logic was planted when frontman Jake Cassman walked away from an Ivy League education, determined to forge a folk-rock sound that “blended more genres and styles than we have room to list, all in the name of creating an eclectic fast-forward sound that’s shaken up after each track” (Vanyaland).

8:30-9:30pm: City of Decades - Folk Duo

City of Decades is an acoustic male/female duo based in Austin, Texas. Benji Lamar and Sheila V.A. present both original tunes and covers that synthesize many decades and combine sentimental rock 'n' roll with old timey folk.

9:30-11:30pm: Jokes from the Underground - Comedy Show

Catch the best comedians in New York City while they're still underground. Jay Schmidt (Movie Preview Review Podcast) and Gianmarco Soresi (SeeSo's New York's Funniest) will help you forget whatever the hell happened this week. Drink, laugh, repeat.
December 2

10:30-11:30pm: Cailin - Folk

Singer-Songwriter CAILIN is thrilled to return to NYC after spending the past year in Nashville
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December 15

10-11:30pm: Justin Moyar - Folk / Blues

Now with a new sound, Justin Moyar brings his unique spin on jazz and fusion combining it with a folk blues style that keeps the listener intrigued and on their toes!
December 16