Shrine World Music Venue Sound System

Front of House Speakers

2-Meyer UPA-1P
1-Meyer USW-1P Sub
1-HPR 115 Sub

Monitors: 3 Independent mixes

3-EV SXA 250


Behringer X32 Digital Console-32 Channel digital Console.
All FX, Eq’s and Dynamics are built into the mixer and includes USB and Firewire
Multitrack recording of up to 32 independent channels.
Monitors mixed from Front of House.


Shrine provides quality backline that bands are welcome and encouraged to use when they play here.
A full drum kit, bass amp, and 2 guitar amps are provided (keyboard and keyboard stand not included).


5 Piece Yamaha drum set. This includes snare, hi-hat stand, and 2 cymbal stands.
We no longer provide cymbals, please bring your own.

Note: Although we provide a high hat clutch, drummers please bring your own.
This is a piece that for whatever reason gets lost/stolen easy, so it”s safer for drummers to provide their own.

Bass Amp:

Mark Bass SD800 with 4x10 cabinet

Guitar Amps:

Fender Twin 2x12 combo amp, and a Marshall MG 100DFX head with a 4x12 Marshall cabinet.


Bring your own mixers and turn tables.

Live Recording Options

In house recording PC via firewire off the house mixer. Up to 32 tracks can be recorded into
Reaper software. Files are WAV and compatible with Pro Tools or any other audio software.
Fee is $60.

The audio recording we provide is multi-track, meaning every input to the mixer (up to 32 tracks)
is recorded individually so the tracks can be mixed down at a later time, completely independent
of what the house engineer did to make the band sound good in the room.
The recording is pre EQ, pre fader, pre dynamics, pre-everything but the mic preamp.

When you receive the recording you will receive multiple WAV files: One file for every microphone
and direct input on stage. These files will have to be mixed down in Pro Tools or any other audio
software. The tracks can be taken to any studio or home recording setup. The Shrine head house
engineer Loren Aguey ( also provides mix down services.

Audio feeds can be given to someone with their own recording device. Device must have XLR or
1/4" inputs, or bring necessary adapters. No charge when outside recording device is provided.


6-Shure Beta 58
3-Shure SM57
2-Shure SM81
3-Audix i5
1-Audix D6
2-Sennheiser 609
4-Sennheiser 604

PA & Backline Rental

Shrine does PA and Backline rentals for large venues, small venues,
outdoor festivals, and more.
Email for more info.

DI Boxes

3-Radial J48
2-Livewire ADI
2-Livewire SDI


20-Elation Opti RGBA LED Par Cans
MagicQ Lighting Control Software via touch screen PC