Khuumba Ama

Khuumba Ama is honored to be showing her work @ The Shrine

Khuumba was born in Savannah, Georgia, and spread her wings in Harlem, USA. There she learned spiritual ways of expressing her energy through natural art forms. She is a full time multi-dimensional artist of original and one-of-a-kind creations. When her energy is not consumed in her crafts, she extends herself as a Teaching Artist and Mentor to assist young people in self-esteem workshops, using arts & crafts and her creative writing skills, as her tools to connect with them. Ms. Ama designed a program called, “The Conflict & Resolution Project,” which she offers to after-school programs and community based organizations. She also designed a program to help seniors who are challenged with symptoms of Alzheimer and/or Dementia. The motto of both these programs is; “Creativity Saves Minds.” Khuumba’s work has been sold and exhibited at galleries, libraries, hospitals, churches, fairs, museums, private gatherings and on the sidewalks and in the shops of New York: Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens as well as, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, & Georgia; also in Africa, Brazil, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, and the US/British Virgin Islands. As an artist, Khuumba does not assign herself to any particular media, she just creates.

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Price List

  1. Village Children — Digital Photograph, 16x20 — $250.00
    Senegal, West Africa
  2. Thioro in Black & White — B&W Digital Photograph, 16x20 — $250.00
    Senegal, West Africa
  3. Spirit Dancer; Oya — Color Print, 16x20 — $250.00
    Original painting, as well as other original works by Khuumba, on view @ Diaspora Now Gallery
  4. New Harlem — B&W Digital Photograph, 16x20 — $250.00
  5. Mask of Prosperous Possibilities — Mixed Media 30x22 — $400.00
  6. Mama Water; Yemoja — Mixed Media 9x12 Oval — $200.00
  7. Sensual Oshun — Mixed Media 9x12 Oval — $200.00

Some Friends

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Artist Udeaku Chikezie, Nigeria, West Africa — Nwa Ada Mixed Media — $400.00

*“Nwa Ada” from the Igbo language, means “Young Lady'”in Enlish