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saturday, may 28, 2016 1:35am


We are very excited to bring you some of the finest bands from Harlem,,New York and the rest of the world for a day celebration of the arts, music and life! We hope you join us! June 5th 2016 from 12pm to 6 pm at Marcus Garvey Park (18 Mt Morris Park W, New York, NY 10027 / 120 street and 5th Avenue) Bands are welcome to submit at mafrikabooking@gmail.com

saturday, may 28, 2016 5:00pm

5-8pm: Showcase Of Performing Art Acts

Showcase of performing art acts Hosted By Every Man's Crush Tashion Folkes

saturday, may 28, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: Maia von Lekow from Kenya- Singer Songwriter

Maia represents another amazing side to Kenya’s dynamic musical scene. Her voice and style has an affinity with female jazz vocalists of the 1930s and soul and folk music of the 1960s. In all her compositions, Maia is blazing new trails in Kenya; experimenting with different styles, and creating a hybrid sound that is her very own.

saturday, may 28, 2016 9:00pm

9-10pm: Perro Planetario- Rock/Pop

PERRO PLANETARIO is a rock / pop alternative, from Buenos Aires.

saturday, may 28, 2016 10:00pm

10pm-12am: Yacouba Diabate and Dounouya - African World Music

Yacouba Diabate And Dounouya Band is currently playing throughout New York City. They have performed in several different venues throughout the United States and Europe, including the United Nations in 2008 and 2009. He frequents many different Music venues in New York City, collaborating with artists such as Les Nubion, Ounou Sangoue, and Sekouba Banbino. He was also a permanent band member at the Saint Nick's Pub. In Europe, Yacouba has traveled to countries such as France, Germany, and many others.

saturday, may 28, 2016 12:00am

12-3:45am: DJ Fols from Nigeria

DJ FOLS is a DJ who has been around for a while and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. He specializes in all types of music from African tunes (Nigerian, Ghana, Coupe Decale, Soukous), to current hip-hop music to old school jams, reggae/dancehall, soca. These are just to name a few. He does it all – weddings, birthday parties, parades, baby showers, in-house parties and is definitely a regular on the club scene. As a professional DJ and also someone who grew up in a music-oriented household, he has perfected the art of assessing his crowd and selecting and belting out tunes that keep them on their feet until the “party done”.

sunday, may 29, 2016 5:00pm

5-8pm: The Shrine Sunday Jazz Jam Session with Lu Reid

Spontaneous Jazz does not happen at Lincoln Center...or BAM!!! It is still in Harlem, where my friends and I live it every day. All the musicians on these streets are stars. When I was a kid and I first heard the sweet language of that magical Jazz I was hooked for life. You just soaked it up and couldn't help but be moved by it as you walked the streets. I can still feel that kaleidoscope of sound, and I want to bring it to you each and every Sunday.

sunday, may 29, 2016 8:30pm

8-9:15pm: C-Level - Funk Reggae

"Honest Self-Expression is the Path to Good Music" (George F. Hartwig) Dave Deitke - guitar, vocals Coda Crose - bass, bongos Tommy Peticca.- drums, Minh Vannuyen-keyboard and horn's

sunday, may 29, 2016 9:15pm

9:15-10:30pm: Thunda Vida - Reggae/ Dub

Christopher Plaza (Tuffer): Vocals and Keys; Gregory Kage: Guitar, Bass and Vocals; Badman Barry: Bass, Guitar and Vocals; Champion Winston: Drums and Vocals; Ras Vincent: Percussion

sunday, may 29, 2016 10:30pm

10:30pm-12am: Roots Revelators - Reggae

Drawn together by a shared love for the sound of roots reggae, Roots Revelators dig deep drawing from the well of classic Jamaican music while bringing to bear more modern influences born of their native New York homeland. The tunes on their forthcoming new release "Resolve" blend ska, one-drop, dub and rock rhythms with wailing sax solos, jazz-inflected guitar lines and liquid keyboard textures that bubble and swirl all in service of the band's melodic lead vocalist who is serving up songs that touch upon stories of work, faith and the care and protection of nature and one another. With live performances that find them infusing danceable grooves with sweet vocal harmonies while serving up well-loved Jamaican standards alongside rarer songs not frequently heard north of the island, Roots Revelators aim to bring positive vibrations. Blessed love.

sunday, may 29, 2016 12:00am

12-3:45am: Crown Kings Reggae Sundays - Reggae Night

"Crown Kings Reggae Sundays" DJ Ceace *Dj Blue Steele *DJ Rio *Kimani

monday, may 30, 2016 6:00pm

6-7pm: Lukas Gabric Quartet - Jazz

Saxophonist, composer, and educator, Lukas Gabric was a semifinalist in the 2013 Thelonious Monk Competition and is an alumnus of The Juilliard School’s Artist Diploma Program. He performs and teaches all around the Globe. Concert and workshop tours have led him to South Korea, Italy, Germany, Austria, Brazil, and the USA. Currently Lukas has won competitions in Switzerland (Generations Unit’12 Member), Austria (Jazz Competition St. Georgen a. Längssee), and Spain (Getxo Jazz Festival Best Soloist & Audience Choice Award), and won third place in the finals of the 2014 North American Saxophone Alliance Competition. Lukas is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the City University of New York Graduate Center and serves as faculty for The Juilliard School’s Music Advancement Program as well as the City College of New York.

monday, may 30, 2016 7:00pm

7-8pm: Emily Wolf- Neo Soul Vocalist

Born in London England with performing parents, Emily Wolf has been singing and playing instruments from an early age. She studied combined arts and then moved to Boston, MA to train in Vocal Performance at the New England Conservatory of Music where she developed her sound. Shortly after graduating, Emily’s debut album was reviewed as “Deserving of the one-to-watch tag”, praising her “Rich, Sly and Bluesy Vocals”

monday, may 30, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: Dr. Martian-Jazz/ Funk/ Hip-hop/ Rock/ Soul

Michael Yaw-Drums Campbell Charsee-Keys Justin Michael-Guitar Sam Smith-Bass

monday, may 30, 2016 9:00pm

9-10pm: The Rock' N' Roll Johnny Band-rock

When Rock 'n' Roll Johnny was a baby, his mom would put a transistor radio in his crib to keep him occupied while she did chores in the house. Fortunately, the radio was tuned to WINS, the premier rock 'n' roll radio station in New York City at the time. Who knows how things might have turned out had that radio been tuned to a station with a different format. Little Rock 'n' Roll Johnny spent many days trying to figure out how the disc jockeys and the singers of the pop hits all fit inside that tiny transistor radio.

monday, may 30, 2016 10:00pm

10-11pm: DAB5- Soul

DAB5, is a modern day Sly & the Family from New Jersey. These dynamic gentlemen possess a uniquely blended, combination of sound that defies classification

tuesday, may 31, 2016 6:00pm

6-7pm: Dan Saulpaugh - Folk / Indie

Dan Saulpaugh is a singer-songerwriter based in New York City who draws heavily on contemporary jazz, soul, and classical music. Having studied classical guitar at the Crane School of Music and jazz at City College of New York, Saulpaugh's playing and writing incorporate these elements while remaining firmly rooted in the tradition of telling engaging narratives through song.

tuesday, may 31, 2016 7:00pm

7-8pm: Java Jukebox - Reggae

Java Jukebox is a Boston based reggae band. Known for their uniquely versatile sound, fusing an old school reggae vibe with bursts of jazz and rock. The contemporary rootsy sound, fat bass and catchy melodies of Java Jukebox will get you on your feet and dancing. With horns and space sounds Java Jukebox’s live show will take you on a one of a kind musical journey mixing tasteful improvisation with classics like Bob Marley and Toots and the Maytals. Java Jukebox is the brainchild of Sam Walukouw and Seba Molnar. Sam Walukouw (VOX/Drums) came to the US in 2010 from Java, Indonesia to pursue music. In 2014 Sam moved to Boston to start his own band where he met up with high school friend Seba Molnar (Saxophone). Soon after Michael Mason (Guitar/VOX), Pat Carr (Keys/VOX), Van Daalhuyzen (Bass), and Wil Tecla (Perc) joined the family to create what is now Java Jukebox.

tuesday, may 31, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: David Rothschild and the Downtown Local - Alt Country

NYC alt-country band providing sweet harmonies and big hooks for your earholes

tuesday, may 31, 2016 10:00pm

10-11pm: Asphalt Grey - Rock

Unsatisfied with the processed, synthetic music being passed off as rock, Asphalt Green was born out of the desire to bring rock and roll back it to its roots, warts and all. Raw, visceral, energetic, catchy, and frightening have all been used to describe their sound. Channeling the classic rock ...

wednesday, june 1, 2016 1:35am


We are very excited to bring you some of the finest bands from Harlem,,New York and the rest of the world for a day celebration of the arts, music and life! We hope you join us! June 5th 2016 from 12pm to 6 pm at Marcus Garvey Park (18 Mt Morris Park W, New York, NY 10027 / 120 street and 5th Avenue) Bands are welcome to submit at mafrikabooking@gmail.com

wednesday, june 1, 2016 6:00pm

6-7pm: Mike Alfieri Trio- Jazz

Mike Alfieri is an improvising drummer well studied in jazz and classical music as well as other contemporary styles. Some of the notable musicians Mike has worked or studied with include John Riley, John Abercrombie, Richie Morales, Tim Albright, Ralph Lalama, Dan Weiss, Dominic Duval, Jon Faddis, Jose Madera, Mitch Frohman, and many others. Mike has performed all across the United States, Canada, and Mexico at the 2011 Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Hidalgo International Image Festival.

wednesday, june 1, 2016 7:00pm

7-8pm: Sweet Soubrette - Indie / Pop / Cabaret

New York City's Sweet Soubrette is a ukulele-powered indie rock band with dark, poetic lyrics, songs that tell stories, and lush instrumentation. Sweet Soubrette's edgy love songs explore troubled romance, works of literature, and the mysteries of existence, featuring the songwriting, vocals and ukulele of Ellia Bisker and a talented backing band. Bisker honed her performance chops playing ukulele in the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, and the glittery eyelashes she wears onstage hint at her vaudevillean origins. Time Out NY says "Sweet Soubrette's style comes with a pinch of Regina Spektor quirk and a spoonful of old-timey burlesque." The Deli Magazine calls Sweet Soubrette "One of New York's most intriguing songwriting forces...rock star command and intelligently crafted music."

wednesday, june 1, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: Timelord Smith Band- Rock

"Simultaneously eclectic, ethereal, and manic." "A truly unique and fresh sound...Christine's voice is sultry yet whimsical at the same time".

wednesday, june 1, 2016 9:00pm

9-10pm: David Pollack - Indie / Rock / Pop

Great songwriting and performances have lit up the skyline of New York City singer songwriter David Pollack’s life and career. From an early age, he was turned on to the music of Paul Simon, James Taylor, and The Beatles. He spent his summers in such institutions as Bucks Rock Creative Arts Camp and the Berklee School of Music summer program, as well as working in internships with Rough Magic Studios and music promotions firm Creative Entertainment Group in New York. After a high school of performing in the New York City rock club scene, Pollack enrolled at the University of Vermont, where he was a member of the Jazz Vocal Ensemble and the UVM Top Cats A Capella group. A year later Pollack moved back to New York City, where he would record and release an EP of lo-fi tracks entitled Out the Other Side.

wednesday, june 1, 2016 10:00pm

10-11pm: The Brian Rigby Band - Blues

Brian grew up in Madison, NJ and began playing music at the age of 8 when his parents signed him up for piano lessons. The next year Brian began playing trumpet in school. Although he enjoyed these activities, his true passions weren't discovered until the age of 13 when he found an old First-Act electric guitar in his closet that his grandmother gave him years before. He started playing to songs by AC/DC and Aerosmith by ear until his sister, Caitlin, bought him a chord book. From there he steadily grew as a player and performer, but it wasn't until September of 2011 that Brian had an awakening.

wednesday, june 1, 2016 11:00pm

11pm-12am: Brady Watt Band

Whether you’ve known it or not, Brady Watt has been one of hip-hop’s best bassists for years playing with Ski Beatz, Curren$y, Joey Bada$$ and others; more recently, he’s become part of DJ Premier’s all-star band. He’s finally stepped to the forefront and took the lead on his on album, bringing those connections together to curate a diverse compilation record, Lifetronics, featuring comrades from Talib Kweli to Smoke DZA to Melanie Fiona.

thursday, june 2, 2016 1:35am


We are very excited to bring you some of the finest bands from Harlem,,New York and the rest of the world for a day celebration of the arts, music and life! We hope you join us! June 5th 2016 from 12pm to 6 pm at Marcus Garvey Park (18 Mt Morris Park W, New York, NY 10027 / 120 street and 5th Avenue) Bands are welcome to submit at mafrikabooking@gmail.com

thursday, june 2, 2016 6:00pm

6-7pm: Yoshiki Miura Group - Jazz/Funk/Bossa Nova

20 years veterans performing in the New York City area, with a funky, energetic jazz sound. His music crosses the traditional modern jazz boundaries, injecting R&B, and Latin styles.

thursday, june 2, 2016 7:00pm

7-8pm: John Venezia Project- Jazz

thursday, june 2, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: Toney Rocks - Blues

TONEY is a bold artist fusing elements of blues, rock, and electronic music. This lethal combination unleashes dynamic guitar playing, catchy songwriting, and singing filled with raw emotion. It's progressive and illusive when trying to lock it into one category.

thursday, june 2, 2016 9:00pm

9-11pm: Who Knew? Crew- R&B Funk

Roshida Mcleod is a native of Brooklyn, NY whose musical journey began in her parent’s living room. Performing for family was the initial regular showcase of her talent as a vocalist. The road she took to gain her wealth of singing experience was broad and expansive to say the least. It has been filled with some of the more accomplished musicians that you can think of.

thursday, june 2, 2016 12:00am

12-3:45am: DJ Nenim from Nigeria

N3NiM is a DJ/Producer & Mixing Engineer. After a successful djing career in Nigeria, maintaining residences at top clubs and venues, he moved to New York in 2014 to further his career. N3NiM's sets are usually geared towards organic music - Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Jazz, Funk & Soul. On Kalakuta Nights, he spins an eclectic mix of Afropop, Afrobeat, hiphop, reggae, house, Funk & Soul . N3NiM also hosts 2 radio shows and makes his own music.

friday, june 3, 2016 1:35am


We are very excited to bring you some of the finest bands from Harlem,,New York and the rest of the world for a day celebration of the arts, music and life! We hope you join us! June 5th 2016 from 12pm to 6 pm at Marcus Garvey Park (18 Mt Morris Park W, New York, NY 10027 / 120 street and 5th Avenue) Bands are welcome to submit at mafrikabooking@gmail.com

friday, june 3, 2016 6:00pm

6-8pm: Bringing Conscious Back

It's coming up on a year since we started our campaign "Bringing Conscious Back" and we are proud to say we are still running and campaigning using media, spoken word and music to inspire communities to have conscious dialogue and spur action for change. We started on May 19th which happens to be "Malcolm X" birthday and the day the "Last Poets" got started in Marcus Garvey Park. As our one year anniversary comes up we are proud to say that we have gained some reputable artists and speakers.

friday, june 3, 2016 8:00pm

8-9pm: Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints from Seattles- Jazz/ Coun

"Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints is a unique project that revisits the music from the Tin Pan Alley jazz era to classic country and rock n' roll. With upright bassist Birch Pereira and his relaxed, Chet Baker-inspired vocal style at the center, the group features a revolving cast of sought after Seattle musicians that draw from the repertoires of Fats Waller, Hank Williams, Louis Armstrong, Patsy Cline, Mills Brothers, Ricky Nelson and Johnny Horton."

friday, june 3, 2016 9:00pm

9-10pm: Sonic Lovebot - Soul Funk Blues

Sonic LoveBot combines soulful vocals, soaring blues riffs, and funk-driven rhythms into a unique sound that is always about the groove. Channeling heavyweights like The Meters, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, John Scofield, D'Angelo and The Derek Trucks Band, Sonic LoveBot's style is it's own thing--intriguingly layered yet astonishingly simple with chemistry as strong as their groove. The four piece ensemble is stocked with players from New Paltz favorites like The Big Takeover, Rice & Beans, M'Bollo, Filet of Soul and Los Thujones-- so you know you are in for a good time

friday, june 3, 2016 10:00pm

10pm-12am: Makane Kouyate - Music from Mali

Born into a Griot family in Segou, Mali, West Africa, Makane Kouyate has been playing the drums since he was five years old. As a young man, Makane worked for several years with Ballet National of Mali, and at 14 began traveling and performing throughout West Africa as lead drummer with the group Super Biton. He has performed with artists such as Selif Keita, singer and guitarist, Habib Koite’and Sadjo Kouyate,’ Mamadou Diabate ensemble, Manding Jata, Sidiki Conde’dance company, and with his brother, the renown balafone player Balla Kouyate. Makane currently resides in New York and performs across the country at numerous clubs and festivals.

friday, june 3, 2016 12:00am

12-3.45am: DJ Birane from Ivory Coast

One of NYC's finest African DJ, the best coupé decallé, hiphop & RnB, dancehall, soca, Zouk, Naija, and salsa in the city.